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Houzz-5 Star Review Ranking!

Posted by Miguel | Category: | Tags: Houzz, review, stone, tile | April 14, 2014

Used by architects, designers, and homeowners alike, Houzz is a website and online community that focuses on interior design, decorating, architecture, landscape design, and other home based improvements.  Houzz features articles, product recommendations, a user forum, and a vast photo library containing over two million residential interior, exterior, and landscape photos.  Visitors browse photos by room, style, and location and bookmark photos in personal collections the site calls “ideabooks”.

We have a profile on Houzz that can be found here.  Our profile features an ideabook, photos, and a page for reviews.  We are proud to share that we currently have a 5 star review ranking due to our amazing clients sharing their stories about working with us.

Facings of America would like to thank all of our customers for their support. We encourage you to visit our page on Houzz and write a review.  We also invite you to contact us with any questions you may have about the process.  If you would like to fill out a review for us, please click the link here.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your stories.

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